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Lyndsy attended DC Entertainment And Warner Bros. Host Superman 75 Party At San Diego Comic-Con today. She’s looking GORGEOUS. Check out the images into the gallery and be sure to credit back the site if you re-post them.

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Favorite Episodes
Noah: Dark Matter … I thought it was a great episode. It was nice to be in it, and I can’t believe I’m still alive. Usually I die in every show. I’m shocked that I’m still here.
Craig: The reason you survived so long — one of the first lines you had to say was “these guys are like the dark matter in the universe, they fill up empty spaces” and we didn’t think any actor could pull it off, but you did, you came in and nailed it.
Aaron: Shadow Walker. I had a lot to do there, it was tons of fun. Lyndsy: Alexandra — that was the moment she said “I am Alexandra Udinov,” it has a cool power and when I said it, everything made sense for me.
Shane: The finale of Season 2, being able to see the relationship between Percy and Nikita come to an end.
Maggie: When Albert Kim wrote “Wrath,” I called him after I read it and said “I really need you to be my friend on this episode, I don’t know if I can do this without you.” It was such a hard episode and it was so emotional, but so great.

Filming THAT shower scene
Maggie: We both had to be in nude underwear. He looked like a Ken doll — not because he has no penis! But he was wearing those tight bike shorts that were skin colored, and I came in and said “eeeeew!” And then they turned the shower on and when they got wet, they went TOTALLY see-through.

Favorite moments off-screen?
Aaron: We’re all on our phones all the time.
Lyndsy: One thing about the behind the scenes on “Nikita” is all the dogs.
Maggie: We’re all dog freaks and Lyndsy and I will pull out pictures of dogs all day.

Best/most emotional memories from the series
Shane: The end of Season 1, for Michael, quitting Division, giving it up for the love he had for Nikita and showing up in the lair and being vulnerable … that was a moment that was very passionate and exciting and led to what happened to the next couple of seasons.
Melinda: She got her feelings hurt a little in Season 2. I had my own little backstory when it came to Percy and Amanda. He was the one person who could get her where it hurt — he called her a lapdog and she had tears from that.

Next projects
Shane is writing a show that is related to the comic he’s been working on (“Big Bad Wolf”)
Aaron: Never ask an actor what they’re doing next — it’s the goblin that haunts our dreams.

Percy flashbacks next season?
Craig: A Xander flashback … I’d love to see it, yeah.

Craig: Amanda is doing what she’s doing because of what her father did to her. She’s someone who doesn’t exist — there was no birth certificate [for Helen]. She’s trying to define herself and that works into how she’s trying to define Nikita, in taking her from anonymous to infamous.

Lyndsy: Alex will try and take down human trafficking organizations, and the whole gang will be preoccupied with clearing Nikita’s name, since she’s now the most wanted woman in the world.

Returning characters?
Craig: There’s new faces for sure, and we want to get Cyrus (Isaiah Mustafa) back and Ramon from Season 2.

Craig: Owen/Sam comes back into the fold. Owen’s a wild card, Sam’s even more so. There’s no reason for him to be with them except that he wants revenge on Amanda for turning him into Owen for 10 years … there’s certain things that bring him into the orbit of the group, but he’s a very volatile element.

Noah would like to see more about Sam/Owen next season. Melinda liked being tied up by Devon Sawa.

Maggie and Lyndsy both want fans to see the blooper reel for some of their favorite moments on set. Read More…

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Showrunner Craig Silverstein joined cast members Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Melinda Clarke, Aaron Stanford and Noah Bean to discuss Nikita’s upcoming forth and final season. Because it will be an extremely abbreviated one (only six episodes), Silverstein says to expect a quick start to the action, as there will be no time to accommodate a slow build. We’ll get “right to the good stuff.”

Audience members were treated to a brief video presentation that quickly and essentially told the story of Nikita’s struggle with Division up to this point. Since filming for Season 4 doesn’t start until Monday, there was no new footage. In fact, when Silverstein shared that our heroes would be headquartered inside a plane, Maggie Q was surprised to learn that it would actually be flying around the globe instead of hiding out on an old abandoned aircraft, as she’d imagined from reading her script.

Silverstein didn’t give away many of his secrets, but he did mention that Season 4 will explore more of Nikita’s pre-Division origin story. Similarly, we haven’t heard the last about Amanda’s past. Because Amanda’s true identity “Helen” never existed, she’s obsessed with molding lives like Nikita’s, and her work with The Shop will take this to a new level. And while Nikita has decided she must kill Amanda in order to exorcise her own demons, Nikita will have to come to terms with the darkness that was a part of her long before Percy and Amanda got their hands on her. Read More…

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Posted at Jul 20 by Guadalupe in Appearances,Comic Con,Nikita,Season 4,Videos

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