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We’ve opened up our media site, I Am Not One of Them. While I am still working on adding media and the site isn’t totally finished (My temporary header also looks like crap – this task is open to all artists. I’m a little art challenged. Just a little. :P) I’ve also got some sidebar stuff to add and whatnot but it works.

I’ve made clips from last night’s episode of Nikita and they are now up in the media site. There’s 5 clips and they are organized under the Nikita category.

They are embeddable, you can share them as you like and whatnot. You are welcome to use the media for gifs, etc. Please just remember to credit us. Enjoy.

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Hey, Lyndsy fans! Brittany from Digital Airwaves here, wanting to share with you my recap and review of tonight’s Nikita episode, “Phoenix”:

Last week’s Nikita episode, “The Recruit,” deviated from the norm to develop an underused component of the series. With that behind us, I wonder if “Phoenix” will feel like a more complete episode as a result.

It sort of picks up from “The Recruit,” as Thom (Ashton Holmes) is the agent on a mission: to eliminate Anna, the mistress of a Senator (Spencer Garrett, who seems to be typecast as a jerk, be it in Cold Case, The Good Guys, Leverage and now this) who’s agreed to keep the money coming to Division as long as they cover up his indiscretions. Ah, that all-important funding we’re always hearing everyone refer to (Nikita in “Pilot” and Percy in “Rough Trade”). It really does all come down to money, doesn’t it?

You can check out the rest here at Digital, which is your source for all of my Nikita coverage. I’ll be sure to drop by now and then to update you, and please stop by and say hello!

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I’ve started working on the screencaptures of Lyndsy’s 4 guest episodes on Boston Public. I’ve got the first three up and ready for you guys!

We’re also working on a media site for you guys, it’ll have interviews and promos, etc of Lyndsy in her various work settings. It’ll be called I’m Not One of Them. We’ve added new photos to the 1.04 Rough Trade album, and have also opened an area for screencaptures from any interviews Lynds does. We’re also now adding twitpics that she posts! Whew.

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A bunch of you had expressed a want for an all Lyndsy forum, and I’ve just finished it in time for Halloween!

So a Happy Halloween from us here to you guys, here’s the forum. Fonseca Hall

Sign up & chatter, we hope to see you lurkers there!

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