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Thanks to the Official Facebook Page of “Moments Of Clarity” we can now enjoy of movie stills featuring Lyndsy as Danielle in her upcoming movie. Be sure to ‘Like’ their official facebook page for more updates and follow their twitter account on here. Check out all the photos into the gallery!

Gallery Link:

– Always Lyndsy Fonseca > Movies and Television > Moments Of Clarity (2014) > Moments Of Clarity: Stills

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Posted at Jun 02 by Guadalupe in Gallery,Movies,Stills

I’ve updated the gallery with HQ Promotional stills of Lyndsy from “Five” Check them out into the gallery! Please if you repost them credit Always Lyndsy Fonseca back with a link to our site, thanks.

Site update: These days I’ll be updating the gallery with TONS of pics of Lyndsy from movies, appearances, candids and nikita. Be sure to visit the site every day!!

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The CW has released new stills for this weeks episode of Nikita called “Broken Home”. Looks like its gonna be an interesting episode for Alex. Check out the images into the gallery!

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Posted at Apr 17 by Guadalupe in Nikita,Season 3,Stills

SOO sorry for the late on this but as many of you know I had to move into another city and I just got internet installed this week. Here are some stills of Lyndsy from last weeks episode of Nikita!

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Posted at Feb 12 by Guadalupe in Nikita,Season 3,Stills

I’m SO happy we are finally getting episode stills of Lyndsy. Check the pictures into the gallery!!

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