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A new Interview with Lyndsy is up, so you can check it out below!

Nikita Season One is out on Blu-ray and DVD on September 19 on UK, so if you live there be sure to pick up your copy!!


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If you’re a geeky show (or even a geek-adjacent one) the place to be every July is Comic-Con International: San Diego. And with the success of last year’s press line interviews, we’re braving the unwashed masses once again to snag a few minutes with your favorite stars and creative teams. Day 3 saw visits with the folks behind “Chuck,” “The Vampire Diaires,” “Alcatraz,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Nikita,” “The Secret Circle” and “Fringe.”

Here we’ve got a few minutes with “Nikita” Co-Star Lyndsy Fonseca:


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Thanks to KSiteTV on Twitter for tell me about this interview with Lyndsy that they made the other day! You can check out the interview below! And remember visit KSiteTV.com for the latest news, reviews, and more about all the TV shows!


When we first saw Lyndsy Fonseca‘s Alex on Nikita, she was a new recruit to Division who was actually a mole placed by Nikita to bring them down from the inside. Only one year later, Alex and Nikita seem to be at odds and both characters seem to be going in completely different directions — directions that, while different, will still put them up against each other from time to time.

We participated in a roundtable at the Comic-Con International in San Diego where we and others spoke with Ms. Fonseca about what’s to come for Alex in Season 2, as Nikita moves to Friday nights preceding Supernatural.

Nikita Season 2 begins on Friday, September 23.

When you signed on to the series, did you expect the show to end up at this point so quickly, with Alex and Nikita at odds with each other?

I didn’t know when we shot the pilot, but I think I had a better idea of how things were going to happen when I “graduated.” I think the creators and the fans, we all kind of came to a conclusion that there was only so much you could do as a recruit. We were kind of stuck there, and it needed to change. So when that happened, I kind of knew what was going to go down. It’s a lot for a first season.

What can we expect from Alex’s love live? Craig Silverstein mentioned she’s not in a position to accept that.

Yeah, definitely not the first thing on her mind right now. She’s a woman on a mission. She’s really matured a lot. Alex really needs some answers right now, and she wants to find the man that ordered her father’s death. There is a man that comes in, who she doesn’t really care for at the moment, but I think eventually they’ll like each other.

Are you aware of who the fans want to see Alex paired with?

When I talk to the fans on Twitter, there’s a Team Owen fan, there’s a Team Nathan fan, there’s a Team Tom fan… and then Michael, which is so weird, but… yeah. I don’t know. Everyone has their opinion, which is totally fine.


Are we going to see Alex interacting with Amanda more in Season 2?

Oh my gosh, yes. There’s lots of Alex-Amanda stuff coming up. I’m excited.

Can you tease anything about that?

Amanda kind of has a new role, let’s put it that way, this year, and Alex is – as Craig, I think, said, she’s kind of like a private contractor. She’s in charge of herself, but she needs Division’s help for a few things. So, because of that, she has to interact with Amanda, and I really like it. They have an interesting, complicated relationship, to say the least.

Is Amanda still somewhat mentoring Alex?

I think so, but it’s a little bit more harsh. It’s “you’re your own person, here’s what I can do for you, here’s what you can do for me.” And I think Alex doesn’t know if she can trust Amanda yet. She’s testing her out.

Do you have any stunt sequences coming up?

Maggie and I actually did a really awesome stunt season a few days ago. We had a lot of fun doing it. It was really hot outside, but besides that, it was awesome.

We train, and we try and stay strong so we don’t hurt ourselves. We have a new stunt coordinator this year, so I’m really excited to see what he has to offer. So far, so good.
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